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Video Introduction

Check out the below video for an introduction to Women in the Channel.


Taffy Baron
One of the first things I noticed when I attended my first Channel Partners Conference about 6 or 7 years ago was how lopsided the ratio of men to women was. You could look over the Expo Hall floor and easily count the number of women. I missed the Conferences for a couple years and when I came back I happily saw more women attending. Even more exciting was that during my absence Women in the Channel (WIC) had been formed to nurture and support women in our industry.

General meetings are held twice each year, usually the evening before the Conferences start, where women can socialize, make new connections, discuss industry issues and support each other. Mentoring programs and monthly educational conference calls are available to members throughout the year and more benefits are being developed. Since becoming a member I have had the honor of being selected to serve on the WIC Board of Directors, giving me the opportunity to participate up close in the growth and direction of this dynamic professional women’s group.

I absolutely recommend all women in the telecom industry, no matter their positions, join Women in the Channel. And, while membership is limited to women, men sponsors are certainly welcomed and encouraged!

~ President, WAAM Communications, LLC